Lift to Move

A tribute to the father of Rebetiko music – Màrkos Vamvakaris.

Lift to Move is a poetic and nostalgic remembrance of the legendary musician, Màrkos Vamvakaris, told through the singular vision of a spinning turntable.

Shot on location at the Màrkos Vamvakaris Museum in his birthplace – Ano Syros, Syros – filmmaker Debra Sea pays loving reverence to his life and his uniquely Hellenic sound through his song, Ah ta omorfa sou matia.

Official Selection
2016 Màrkos Vamvakaris Festival, Syros, Greece
2016 Thess International Film Festival
2016 Hamilton International Film Festival
2015 Firestone International Experimental Film Festival
2015 Australian Greek Film Festival
2015 London Greek Film Festival