IV. Contribution to student growth and development

The following objectives, methods, and measures will be used to demonstrate the evidence of contribution to student growth and development.

Objective 1: Provide Pandemic Support and Beyond Pandemic Support

Year 1 – Provide structure, support and compassion to my students during the pandemic.

Year 2 – Seek out and evaluate opportunities for students after the pandemic.

Note: The amount of additional support that is needed by students takes significantly more time than in the past.


Structure: I take and keep track of attendance in my synchronous classes and have a strict attendance policy and do not accept late work except for extenuating circumstances.

Support: In all of my class, I posted a module about learning during a pandemic. Here are the ground rules about the support that I offer:

  • You are always welcome to talk to me about things you are going through, if you want. I will usually be able to refer you to someone who can help.
  • You never owe me personal information about your health (mental or physical) or anything else, that you don’t want to share.
  • If you have extenuating circumstances, please reach out to me. I will work with you. Promise.

Compassion: 1). I conducted a survey before school started and I sent a personal response to each student who responded (over 70) offering information, advice and encouragement. 2). I have a strict late work policy, but during the pandemic, I offer a “Pandemic Pass.” This pass allows students to turn in one assignment as late as they want to during the semester.

Retention: I believe that this effort will lead to better retention in my courses compared to other faculty who are not putting effort in this direction. This is difficult for me to measure, but may not be difficult to measure at the Dean or Provost level.

Year 2 – Research and evaluate opportunities for students.


Year 1 – Attendance records, tally of student meetings, examples of emails and number of pandemic passes used.

Year 2 – Description of 1-2 opportunities for student growth.

Expected results:

Students will successfully complete my courses despite the pandemic and other challenges they are facing.

Objective 2: Provide academic and/or career advising


I will continue to advise about 25 students. In addition, students often seek me out for advice even though I am not their advisor. I communicate often with my advisees and spend at 20-30 minutes to connect with the students, listen and respond to concerns, and talk about their future during fall and spring advising.


List of advisees

Note: Almost half of my assigned advisees are either freshman or transfer students. It takes significantly longer to get these students on the right track with the pandemic. For some students who do not have any classes with Zoom meetings, I am their only “in person” contact. I have been meeting with these students multiple times to listen to their concerns, connect with them, answer questions, and reach out to other faculty. It is not unusual for me to meet with a new freshman or transfer student for one hour.

Expected results:

Students will successfully register for courses and graduate on time despite the pandemic and other challenges they are facing.

Objective 3: Write letters of recommendation.


I will write letters of recommendation for students applying for internships, employment and graduate school.


Copies of letters written.

Expected results:

I will write letters of recommendation as requested by students.